You work as a Systems Administrator for your company. The company has recently purchased a subscription to Microsoft 365. All users in the company have a
Microsoft 365 E3 license.
All users in the company use Microsoft Teams for collaboration.
The company has a large Sales department. A distribution group named Sales contains all the user accounts of the users in the Sales department.
You need to create a team in Microsoft Teams for the Sales department users. You want to minimize administrative effort by creating the Team from the Sales group.
What should you do first?

  • A. Configure a membership rule for the group.
  • B. Convert the group to a universal security group.
  • C. Convert the group to a global security group.
  • D. Convert the group to an Office 365 group.

分析-本题的大意是目前已经有了一个Distribution Group了,这个组已经包含相应的人员了。如何以最快的速度创建一个和这个group一样人员的Team,了解过M365组的同学知道,只有 Distribution Group 可以直接转换成M365的组。所以这题的答案是D。

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