You work as a Systems Administrator for your company. The company has recently purchased a subscription to Microsoft 365. All users in your company have a
Microsoft 365 E5 license.
You have deployed Microsoft Teams to all users in the company. Several teams and channels have been configured.
External contractors can access Microsoft Teams using guest accounts.
You need to configure the environment to ensure that no files containing malware can be opened from Microsoft Teams channels by either company users or external contractors.
Which of the following should you configure?

  • A. Sensitivity labels.
  • B. Advanced Threat Protection
  • C. Protected Identity Management
  • D. Conditional Access policy

分析-本题考察的是确保文件在Teams环境下打开的时候包含木马的文件无法打开。选项A是敏感标签的设置;C是权限保护管理相关的;D是访问M365的策略。答案是B,M365安全中心的Advanced Threat Protection.更多的细节可以查看如下。

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